the Lion & Buffalo

the Lion & Buffalo located at 203A Malabar Rd South Coogee is by far my favourite community based cafe. 

The owners have paid special attention to ensure that the brand, finishings, furniture and presentation of the food sets it apart from the plethera of coffee shops out there.

The menu has been purposely designed to showcase only the best ingredients thus ensuring that quality, taste and presentation is at the forefront of their business model. 

This cafe has already gained a loyal local following in its first year of trade and has become a hub for dog owners, parents with small kids and business people alike. 

I had the steak sandwich which arrived within the appropriate wait time and was delicious. The owners informed me that they have a secret sauce which was to die for...

What was most refreshing was the friendliness of ALL staff and the attention paid to each and every customer. I can tell that this is part of their recruitment and training process and I implore more venues to take a page out of their book as the food was great but the service will drive me back time and time again. 

Go and say hi to Anna and her team this weekend, I promise you will not be disappointed.