Field Trip: Naturally Good Expo April 29-30 2018

The Naturally Good Expo was on in Sydney April 27-30 and as a Health and Wellness Expert/Foodie/Curious Creature/Food-Tech Start-Up Founder, it was a must-do for me.

We should note here that as a Food-Tech Start-Up Founder (aka notorious for never quite knowing what day/time it is…!), I had a couple of false starts in terms of actually getting to the showroom floor to immerse myself amongst all the stalls, demonstrations, displays and general Naturally Good Goodness;

Friday was the Naturally Good Business Summit where our very own UFOODI Co-Founder Brad Menachmenson was a panellist talking all things Start-Up and Investment, and it was at this point I thought I could sneak off to indulge in the expo, but as the expo itself didn’t start that day, I was encouraged to return instead on the weekend to explore…

Rolling up wide-eyed and bushy-tailed on Saturday morning I quickly realised that, once again, I had made the crucial mistake of not actually knowing what day it was and had to hide said tail between my legs as I left ICC in anticipation for…

SUNDAY. Expo Day 1. Finally!

With my printed badge and lanyard in hand I strutted my way into Hall 4, like my life depended on it – and I was not disappointed. Full of food, beverage, and health and beauty products, it was difficult to not accumulate samples or brochures or new friends.

Here’s a round-up of what caught my eye/belly;

Their Fat Bombs/ “Chew the Fat” energy bars were AMAZING. I’m always looking for new and interesting Keto Snacks/Hacks and as someone who has been experimenting with Keto for a few years now (and is currently Keto) coupled with being a busy Start-Up Founder who needs to find clean sources of energy to perform my best, these were a massive win for me.

Creators of a Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate born and brewed in Newcastle NSW (a company after my own heart as a Novocastrian myself!), these guys take it to the next level with their Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, a cold brew infused with nitrogen to create a deliciously creamy, smooth cold brew coffee without the dairy you’d normally require for the creaminess. I would have had 8 cups on the day if they’d let me. I love it for its simple ingenuity but also because I can enjoy this knowing that it is 67% less acidic than normal coffee (good for my gut and my teeth!) and because I can drink it with a good dollop of cream and ice (hello Keto!), not to mention helping this Start-Up Founder charge on and stay awake on the daily!

Ok, stay with me here; Grilo Protein is all about Crickets: a nutrient dense, sustainable, high protein alternative to traditional protein options. I’ve been exploring insect/cricket proteins for a few years now and I love how the team at Grilo are being mindful and creative about how to make this more palatable for EVERYBODY rather than straight up giving you creepy full baked crickets to eat.

I was lucky enough to snap up some samples of their Super Greens, Cricket Protein and Cricket Powder that I’m keen to play around with and share my experiences. I once attempted baking Bread using Cricket Flour which wasn’t all that successful, but I’m feeling curiously over-confident this time…!

As someone with an auto-immune condition that is also conscious about the effects of Sugar and Gluten on my body and health it is very rare when you can have a donut that is Sugar Free, Low Carb and High Fibre and Gluten-Free that actually tastes good. This is where Noshu really shines. I met Founder Rachel all the way back in 2014 and loved the concept (and the Choc Raspberry Donut!), so I was thrilled to see an expansion of the range and growth of the brand at the Expo. If you haven’t already, do yourself a favour and try one of their donuts, and if you want to make them that little bit extra, feel free to add some coconut ice-cream… you can thank me later ;)

A particularly cool area at the Expo was the “Start-Up Zone” – a collection of stalls that housed the newest ideas, products and services; a true representation of the focus and future of food/beverage/health and beauty. A Kudos to the Naturally Good Team for giving the start-up scene an opportunity to interact and validate their businesses/ideas at the Expo. Some really cool stuff I saw in this zone included new plant-based/vegan products, honey-based products, alternative protein products (this is where I found the crickets!) and baby/child products. Special mention must go to the Organic, Sugar & Gluten Free, Vegan Lollipops by Koochikoo (these have been tried, tested and approved by the 8-year-old in our house!).

And on that note, that wraps up my little field trip, I hope that helped paint a picture of all things natural and good! You can check out the exhibitors and see some of their highlight photos and videos here at their website I highly recommend going to their next show (June 2-3 2019) … and I will probably see you there with a Noshu Donut and Nitro Cold Brew Coffee in hand!